Saturday, August 1, 2009

A long day in Baton Rouge

It started with the alarm going off at 6:45. With an early morning presentation, I wanted to run first. I managed a nice 2 mi run around the lake on campus before coming back to shower and head to SQL Saturday #17.

I almost wondered why I showered since the walk to the car started me sweating. With maximum AC, I drove the mile over to the building and then had stopped sweating when I arrived. So I sat there a minute gathering my stuff with the car running, and hoping that I could get to the building without sweating. I walked slowly to the entrance, but it didn’t help.

I felt like there was a sheen of sweat on my face, so I hit a bathroom and grabbed paper towels. For the first hour I was there, getting ready for the presentation, I soaked 3 towels, trying to keep dry.

It didn’t matter, things cooled off and I had a good presentation to about 30 people. After that I hung out, visited a few sessions, and talked with lots of people from the local area. People are just different in the south, and very polite, and apparently very excited about SQL Saturday. This event drew 200 people despite being put together in 2 months.

After a long day of walking around and talking, we headed to a little dive bar for the after party. 3 more hours of talking and I was done. I said good bye, and I think I’m committed to SQL Saturday in Dallas next year, and then went in search of dinner. I found the Mellow Mushroom pizza joint, had a quiet dinner while I read and I am ready for bed.

I do it all again tomorrow, up early, run, then back to New Orleans, where I’ll wander the downtown area until my flight in the afternoon.

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