Sunday, August 16, 2009


A sore knee tonight, actually swollen a little and tender to the touch. I chased down a ball on the line, diving to block it and actually landed hard on one knee. Icing it down and hoping it gets better soon. Might be a tough run tomorrow.

A good game, fun-wise. It was a good opponent, and they joked with us well. However they hit and we didn't, and struggled to even get someone to third. A 12-0 shut out in 8, and I had an OK game for 3 weeks off. 0-3, a few bad calls on a K, and then two pop-ups. Hitting the ball too low and it showed. I knew I should have swung at a few yesterday.

In the field I moved around the outfield and had an inning at first. In that one I didn't dive at a ball, and am somewhat glad. My neck was sore and that might have done me in. I stopped a ball that was poorly thrown, and missed another bad one. I also dropped one in the outfield that was right there. At the last second I got a flash of sun and it hit my glove and dropped.

A rough day for the team. 3 left to go.

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