Saturday, August 29, 2009


I finally got done with the newsletter and work around 3, so I decided to go outside and see if I could get the sprayer working. I grabbed a few tools, and walked out, thinking I needed to get this going, and it would be easier on my leg than trying to hook up the tractor mower.

I was wrong. I started to thread the control wire through the ATV and brought the sprayer over to see how long it needed to be when I saw that the sprayer had a hole in the tank. Someone must have run into it because the feed tube back to the sprayer was broken as well.


So I decided to just mow. It's getting late in the season, and I only have a little done. Hooked up the bush hog, drove out, and started cutting. I got quite a bit done, cleaning up the section I'd started before it rained recently, and making decent progress, but there were tons of mosquitos, and I didn't have any Off.

After braving that for about 45 minutes. I gave up, came inside, and ordered a new tank. $80 later, I should have some parts Tue or Wed to get this working and clean up some weeds.

Just in time for winter.

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