Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Repairs

Well, I'm on a roll here with a few repairs around the house. Our tow sprayer had a few things break last year when we left it outside, and it has been down all season. I searched around a few times, but didn't find parts. Finally I tackled it again last week and found parts on the Internet and placed an order yesterday to get those coming. So we should be able to spray again next week.

Then the microwave went out the other day. That's a big deal, and I searched around a bit since I'd rather not pay $300 for a new one right now. Our wave cover guide is definitely scorched, so I ordered a new one this morning. We'll see if that fixes things when it comes. If not, I'll drag it down to Parker to a store before we go shopping.

I managed to scrape the driveway this week, and probably will get to do it again next week as we have rain in the forecast. However I still have a few more repairs to hit.

1. tile the bathroom. a major project and I don't really want to, but I'm not sure I want to spend $800 for someone else to do it.
2. get a pressure valve in our condo repaired.
3. Fix the front screen door. Involved ripping another 2x4 to fit the spot as a spacer, removing the old one, and screwing the new one in. Not major, but time consuming.
4. Starter on the lawn tractor.

I have other stuff as well, and the tiling will probably need to wait until we get more things done outside. Starting with the lawn tractor today. Then probably need to also build a shelter for the ATV/tractor somewhere near the barn.

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