Monday, August 17, 2009

A Good Workout

Kyle called at 6:30 and said he couldn't get out of the neighborhood because of a hailstorm. It had made the roads slippery and he got stuck a little on one of the streets. It was a little annoying since it meant I'd miss karate, and I thought he was blowing it off, but he said the streets were pretty white and he'd tried.

So I resigned myself to hanging out for Kendall. She went in, and just then the phone rang. 6:55 and he said it had melted enough so he'd come down. I was about to say don't bother, but I hate for him to miss piano, so I told him thanks and was trying to decide what to  do. I figured I could just be late for class, so I drove back, changed in the parking lot real quick, warmed up for 2 minutes with some jumping jacks, and then stepped on the mat.

I took it easy, and we had a relatively easy night. A little kata, and then a bunch of self defense, which is always slower and easier. Especially the choke holds we did tonight. We move slow, not a lot of sweat, and no pulled muscles. It was still a good skill workout, and I did some abs afterwards, but not a huge amount of sweat. Just right for someone late to class.

Delaney tests for his brown belt on Saturday, so he needs to get 3 classes in this week. Since school has an instrument day on Thur, we need to go the next 3 nights and get him prepped for the test.

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