Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scout Cookoff - 2009

Tonight was the Boy Scout cookoff for Delaney's troop. We'd never done it, and I wasn't sure how prepared his patrol was. They were all younger scouts, and had somehow decided on a catfish stir fry.


We arrived a touch late, but things were still getting set up. The boys had decided to meet last night to shop and get prepared, but we were gone, so we weren't sure what to do. I had Delaney call one kid today and make sure we didn't need anything, and given the busy day, I was glad we didn't.


I think Delaney was a bit shy about cooking as you can see above. However he did jump in there eventually and start helping out.


They cooked a rice stir fry, which I saw Delaney working on. He didn't seem to be in any hurry to handle fish or bread the filets, leaving that to another scout.


I got roped into judging, so with 4 other Dads, we walked around as patrols finished and sampled their food. We had

  • burritos with the fixings
  • red beans and rice with peppers and onions, lemon cake for dessert.
  • some German potato/pickle dish and then dutch over pizza.
  • eggs and ham with chocolate chip pancakes
  • spicy catfish stir fry with rice and vegetables
  • hot wings

A number of the Dads showed off their Dutch Oven skills with cornbread, jambalaya, blueberry muffins, pizza, calzone, cobblers, and a few more things. I was kind of amazed by the variety.

And stuffed. Even with small portions, it was a lot of food. Most of it fairly bland, but there were some good things.

The judges voted, and then had to present awards to everyone


Delaney's patrol got Most Creative for their catfish use, despite a few issues. The first time they called us over, the catfish wasn't done. It was barely cooked outside, so the boys got a few lessons in how to make sure it was done. The second time it was good and had a nice spice. Not quite my thing, but they did a good job.

After that, it was time for eating and kickball for the scouts. And cleanup.


A nice time out for everyone.

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