Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jammed Up

I worked a bit last night after karate, Kendall watching TV, and got a few things done. It was good because once I got her cleaned up, and we watched Wipeout, we were both tired. She dropped right off, and I barely stayed awake until Tia got back with Delaney.

Today's a busy day. Late getting up (7:30), trash out the door, working a bit before I have errands this afternoon. Ortho for Kendall and then Back to School night where Chef Steve will BBQ dogs and burgers for awhile. At least things are set for work tomorrow, though I need to find some time to write and make sure I don't get behind.

And I'm dreading the bus tomorrow. Delaney's bus comes at 7:02am, so we'll be up early. Then I need to go by his school for registration as well as running him to the Food Bank for volunteer work.

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