Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bargain Hunting

I finally found some time to pull the starter off our Craftsman lawn tractor. It’s been acting up, and I think it’s dead. I’d checked on one a couple weeks ago, but at $160, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get one. It seemed that perhaps just the gears were worn.

However it didn’t want to start, and so I pulled it off and brought it inside. I checked with Sears again, $162 for the starter. So I searched around. The next place I saw was $152, and then I saw a place for $139. Since I was on a roll, I checked one last place and found it for $116, and even with 3 day shipping, it was $135. Not bad.

Hopefully this will get that fixed and let us continue on with some chores around the house.

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