Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Quite

I heard my alarm at 6:10 and woke right up. With a little girl rolling around next to me, I struggled to get a good night's sleep. But I rubbed my eyes and got up, not wanting to fall back asleep. After a few minutes, I walked down to Delaney's room to find his alarm going off. We'd set it last night, opting for the radio wake up.

The radio was playing in his room, but he wasn't up yet. So I sat down and shook him. He heard the radio and said "we should set it for buzzer tomorrow."

Maybe, but I think he needs to get used to waking up. I tried to get both kids to bed just about 9, and I know Kendall was struggling. She actually came in our room at night to say she was sneezing and couldn't sleep, so we'll see how she wakes up. I'll check in about 10 minutes since I'm sure she won't hear her alarm in my room ;)

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