Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Blame Game

I heard about this from my 16yr old son last year a bit, how we didn't help him get a job. I think the complaint was more that we didn't do enough, but I'd disagree. A year later, I think he feels the same way, and he's taken it upon himself, after a year at one job, to look and move on.

This graduate is suing her college because she can't find a job. Apparently after spending $72k to get a degree, with a 2.7GPA, not even a B average, she can't find a job in 3 months and it's the college's fault. They haven't "gotten" her interviews.

Wake up. It's your fault. Either you haven't presented yourself well, which the college should, and says they have, helped with. OR, and get this, there aren't many jobs out there. It's tough, and you are competing against a lot of other, more experienced people.

Wait tables, flip burgers, bide your time and keep trying, but it's not your college's fault.

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