Friday, August 28, 2009

Worn Out

I am just plain worn out. I struggled to get up this morning, did, and went into Delaney's room. He woke up when his alarm went off, but I lay next to him and snoozed it for 5 minutes. We got up, but it was slow moving to get things done. I got him to the bus and when I got back Tia was getting Kendall ready. She said she'd drive Kendall, and that I looked really tired. I felt it as well, so I came upstairs to lay down.

I felt like I was getting going on work, and I'd done a little, but I was so tired. I decided to nap a bit after taking a poll on Twitter of "coffee or bed." I ended up with a split (one coffee, one bed).

It was a struggle to relax, but the next thing I knew it was 9:45. I rolled over to contemplate getting up and when I rolled back it was 10:33.

Wow, quite a nap, but I definitely felt better. Glad I did it, even if I need to work more this weekend to make up for it.

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