Friday, August 14, 2009

Worker Bee

Delaney came up to me this afternoon wanting to get paid. He said he'd earned $50 this week working on grass and things, and wanted to settle up. I didn't have money, so I said I'd get some tomorrow and give him cash. I thought that was the end of it.

About an hour later he came up and asked if I'd help him start the mower. I said sure, walked out there, but the starter is shot. It won't turn the engine over at all. So I said he'd have to skip it and I'd try to get a new starter on there. I came inside to check, and found them to be $159 from Sears. They sell some pieces as well, so I think I need to take it apart and see if I can guess what isn't working. It seems like it's spinning, but not turning the engine, so maybe just the drive is worn out.

About 30 minutes later Delaney came in and said that he had an issue. He walked up to my room with a broken shovel. He'd been out there working, moving dirt for Tia, and the handle had broken. So I told him where another shovel was and he went outside to work more. Without me asking, without reminding, he's motivated to earn more money.

He was worried that we're paying too much. Tia joked we were running out of money paying him, but I said not to worry. We'd be OK, and we are trying to spend less, but he's working hard, and doing things we'd have to do or pay someone, so it's worth it. Plus we like seeing him work.

This after 2 hours volunteering with the Elizabeth Food Bank for the scouts. A good day for Delaney.

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Anonymous said...

It's awesome to read about how he's really buckling down and working hard. Impressive. Very impressive.