Monday, August 3, 2009

Active August

One of the bloggers over at SQLServerCentral (and a good friend) posted a note about Active August last week. In the post he talked about the need to get back in better shape, and he made a commitment to do that this month. It actually started with Mike Walsh, another SQL guy, and I missed his announcement. Apologies, Mike!

He's set up a separate blog to track his progress, which I think is a great idea.

I've fairly active, and I love it. One of the highlights (actually 2) of this past weekend was my morning runs along the lake at LSU. I was in Baton Rouge, staying across the street, and made myself get up early each day to ensure I could get my run in and enjoy the day. Going around the lake at 7am, seeing dozens of people walking or jogging around me, was inspiring and very enjoyable. Not to mention that's the best time to be out in Baton Rouge in August.

So I'm a few days late, and I haven't hit Mike's 30 minutes a day, but here's my update:

Aug 1: 2 mi run around the LSU lake on campus. (20min)
Aug 2: 2 mi run around the LSU lake on campus. (20min)
Aug 3, 1.6 mi run on the treadmill and an hour karate class scheduled for later.

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