Thursday, August 20, 2009

Practical or Silly?

I won $25 from Thinkgeek via Intel from a twitter contest. Can you follow that? I posted a question for @IntelSoftware, they liked it, and sent me a gift certificate. Pretty cool, and so I browsed over there today to look at what might be interesting.

I'm not worried about sticking to $25 exactly, though I don't really want to spent $100 either. However I wasn't sure if I wanted something practical, like this charging station:

Or something silly like this multi-color LED panel:

I could get something practical for myself like a handy knife:

or something cool for Delaney like a water bottle cap:

I'm a little torn over getting something I can use or something silly. Any suggestions? Anything you've liked from ThinkGeek?

What about this for my Porsche:

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