Monday, August 31, 2009

Sick Kid

We headed down for our Monday night routine. Delaney was listening to music, and half asleep as we went down, but after we dropped of Kendall, he said that he had a headache, and didn't feel good and had a headache. He was looking down, so we drove to the Walgreens, grabbed Ibuprofen, and gave him some. He then lay back and said he wanted to sleep. So I parked at tutoring and read while Delaney slept. We then drove Kendall to piano and Delaney still felt a little sick after an hour nap, but looked a little better. However he said he'd like to take it easy.

He apologized for being so sick, and a problem. I told him that wasn't the case, and that it wasn't big deal. He should try to be more careful, drinking water, making sure he eats enough, but sometimes you just get sick. I think he realizes that he gets sick more than the rest of the family. Hopefully it doesn't affect his confidence and that he gets stronger. Maybe we can motivate him to work harder at taking care of his body and develop good eating habits to make him stronger.

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