Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Crazy Denver Weather

It was sunny this morning, but then when I took Delaney to seal the fence in Parker, it had started sprinkling here. It wasn't raining in Parker, and he finished. I got back around 3:00 and it was cloudy, looking like rain.

I worked, walked outside around 5 to help Tia get some things ready for our trip. It was starting to blow from the Southeast and while we were in the barn it started to rain. Delaney was harrowing the track and had to get back to the barn through the rain. Then as suddenly as it started, it stopped. A light rain, some sunlight, and we went back inside.

Thirty minutes later it was blowing out of the west and more rain was coming down. I had to close windows it was blowing so hard. Now it's calm, and I have fans on to get the air moving because it's too hot inside otherwise.

Hopefully our trip isn't too rainy.

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