Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Game

And quite a game it was. Last night was our only night baseball game (7:30 start) and it was quite the ass kicking. For awhile it looked like we might not have a game as none of the other team’s players were there, but they arrived about 7:15 and we got started. This was one of the 3 teams we’d beaten all year, so we had high hopes to end on a good note.

Instead it was over early.

Our pitcher struggled, walking the first 2, and then hitting the third. A hard double by the 4th batter had us in a hole that got worse. I missed a ball that was bounced and skipped on the hard artificial surface. Hard to see in the light, and we had a couple other errors that would have turned double plays or given us a few outs. Mostly it was pitching, however, and we ended up walking into the dugout down 11-0 after one. Two strikeouts and a ground out ended our inning, and we were an hour into the game. An hour!?!

From there things didn’t slow down as they batted around in the top of the 2nd again, with a few walks in there, and an error. We had 4 batters in the bottom, and the game was essentially over. I managed to snag a couple balls at first, but otherwise it was uneventful for me at first. I fouled a ball high the catcher caught for my first at bat. People  said it was the highest ball they’d seen hit this year, and it might have been. It took a few seconds to come down. My second at-bat was two good fouls, and then a swing I couldn’t check as a ball tailed down into me.

Their pitcher threw hard, probably the hardest thrower we’ve seen all year, and we struggled. We finally had a triple in the last inning, a guy hit one hard to center, and their fielder was a little asleep, but it got us a run on a bunt, so we can’t complain.

3-15 to finish, but a fun time. We got to laugh and joke, not taking things too seriously for the most part. A few guys got too upset, but it was a good year. We went out for a couple beers afterwards, and I’m exhausted this morning, ready to sleep in for another hour if I can manage it at work.

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