Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tired on a morning flight

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Presenting in Austin

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Another day, another flight. My last for Jan :)

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

RMR Classic

Kendall’s first tournament this year was the RMR Classic nearby. They played in the 16s division, with a few 15s, but mostly 16s. The first day was something. We weren’t sure how the girls would do, but they played well against 16s.

Photo Jan 16, 5 02 04 PM

There were struggles and a few matches went to 3 sets, but they managed to win all three of their matches the first day.

Photo Jan 16, 9 30 45 PM

Kendall got to start the first few sets as the right side hitter. She did well, blocking well and getting a few hits.

Photo Jan 16, 9 32 35 PM

However she was soft on some hits and later in the day she didn’t play in a few sets. However it was an OK day.

Photo Jan 16, 9 40 24 PM

Along with the other two 16s teams from her club, they were ready to play for 1-8th. The second day things didn’t go well. Kendall struggled, the team didn’t do well and lost the first match, when they should have won. They were up and let the first set go and then fell apart in the second.

Photo Jan 16, 9 33 39 PM

Playing again, they lost the second match, with sluggish play. Kendall didn’t play much and told the coach she was hurt, but really just off.

The team came back to win the last match and finish strong, but it was a hard weekend.

Enjoying the beautiful weather

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A Lost Week

I’ve been trying to get a few things setup with IFTT to move pictures over here automatically, and it’s been slow. I’ve also been neglecting this blog a bit as life flies past.

After the concert I last posted about, it was a busy week for me getting ready to travel. Not a lot happened, other than just work and kid stuff. The weekend was Kendall’s first tournament, but I’ll make a post for that.

Then it was off to the UK. A long week for me,

Photo Jan 21, 12 35 27 PM

In the office each day, meetings, working, time flew by. It was quite the trip.

Photo Jan 22, 9 08 00 AM

Then back home, and again, volleyball, this time a Power.

Now it’s a week of work, where I’ve struggled, and then I’m off to Austin tomorrow.

A crazy life.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Patton Oswalt

Last year Tia bought tickets to see Patton Oswalt for my birthday. We were excited, heading down in late September to the Paramount downtown, only to find out the concert had been cancelled. Apparently Patton was working on a movie and couldn’t make it. Who knows, but we were wondering what would happen.

We got a rescheduling notice later in the fall, and yesterday was the date. We managed to get down just there, get a drink, and then find our seats. They were amazing, second row just on the side of the stage. The opener was good, not great, but Owalt was really funny.

Photo Jan 09, 8 26 08 PM

A normal picture, shows the man on stage, entertaining us for about 90 minutes. A fun night for us, and a good time out. Thanks to Delaney for picking up his sister at night so we could go out.

Photo Jan 09, 8 04 19 PM

Now I’m looking forward to a quiet day. Tia is working, and I did yoga this morning, but with a hectic schedule in the next week, I’m thinking to take today off.

First Place

Yesterday was another very busy, but also very exciting day. It started with me up at 6:30 to make breakfast burritos. Delaney had his home Knowledge Bowl meet, and I said I’d get the kids breakfast. So I’d made the bacon the night before, but up early to cook eggs, potatoes, and assemble burritos. They came out good and the kids appreciated them. Kendall’s volleyball team had loved them, so I was happy to do them again here.

Photo Jan 09, 8 16 11 AM

I’d agreeed to read quetsions, and had to sit through an hour of training before getting started in room 1. The kids open with a written test, and since I was busy, I had no idea how things went. I assumed Elizabeth would be in room 1 since htey usually are, with their rivals, Fort Morga, who have won every match the last two years, and Elizabeth has never beaten them in their history.

Sure enough, Delaney and his team filed in, with Fort Morgan behind, and Vista Peak as the third team. It was close in the first half of the round, 25 questions, but EHS was ahead by a few at the turn. Delaney was on fire, getting lots of questions, and they finished the round up 5 or 6. I found out at the break that EHS had won the written round, which isn’t something I’d seen before, so they were up 8.

Meanwhile Tia had to take Kendall to practice and then race back to watch. The second round was liek the first, with EHS winning by a few, and up 11 halfway through the oral rounds. A good mix of people answering, but certainly Delaney is leading the team.

The kids were excited, and maybe a bit cocky, as they struggled in the third round. Weld Central had moved into the room, and they actually helped, taking 10 of the questions. Elizabeth, however, only had 8, and Fort Morgan closed to within 3. The kids were quiet, but not too disappointed. They were still up, and we’d had some buzzer issues in the third round. They felt that was the problem, and were ready for the last round.

Photo Jan 09, 2 08 12 PM

Photo Jan 09, 3 28 07 PM

It’s hard for me to pat much attention to the teams when I’m reading. I have to watch things too carefully on the paper. The first 25 was close, but then Delaney and EHS came alive, getting 3 or 4 in a row and a smattering of questions to win going away. They were up by 10 points at question 49, and then Delaney got the last question, a Physics question to seal the win. Their teacher actually started crying from the win, and told us Delaney was amazing. She was really glad to have him on the team.

Photo Jan 09, 3 28 05 PM

A fantastic win for the kids, all of whom were quite proud of their win. A few were celebrating then, but Tia and I had to head back to feed and get ready for our own night out.

Quite proud of the kids, and happy to see them take a match. Now we’re hoping they do well at the next one in two weeks. I’m sorry I’ll miss it, but I’ll be coming back from the UK. However I’ve marked off quite a few other matches, and hope to make most of the rest this season.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I did a (very) little bit of yoga on vacation, and haven’t been able to fit in a class since we returned but with no meetings today, I headed out for the morning class. My back has been tight, so I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I have been missing it.

I was slow, I was stiff and a few things were hard, so I backed off the effort a bit, but it was nice to go and it does make my lower back feel looser to stretch and move lightly.

This after a kickboxing class last night, which Kendall did with me. I held back there, but it wasn’t a good decision. Need to avoid those for a week or so.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Win #1

Yesterday was Kendall’s first tournament of the year. A friendly, so it didn’t count, but we had 5 teams competing at a local facility. We were up early, and I was glad that it was close since we had to be there at 7. The girls all got going early, with the first match to be played.



Kendall was the starting right side, which was good to see. She rotated out with the setters, so she was top 8. She had some good hits, and it seems the setters like setting the right side.


I also saw her touch quite a few balls on blocks. She wasn’t in every game, but in most, and had a decent amount of playing time. Certainly it was neat to see her get to play middle (brielfly) and help out on the right side. Still a bit tentative, her coach says she needs to swing harder.


It was a long day with 5 teams. We had the worst setup, playing a match and sitting two each time throughout the day. With the first and last matches, it was tiring for us all.

However a good day. The girls pulled out a win, going 6-2 in sets, besting the two highly ranked, national caliber 14s teams at 5-3. The other 15s teams weren’t great and we easily beat them.


Nice to see the girls starting the season out right. Now they hit the first tournament that counts in two weeks.

Late Night Feeding

With Tia sick, and it getting late, Delaney and I were out feeding last night. Tia helped us get started, where we had to load a bale in the dark, but then it was the two of us, out and about.


Chilly, but with two of us, I bet we loaded the 11 feeders in about 30 minutes.