Thursday, January 28, 2016

RMR Classic

Kendall’s first tournament this year was the RMR Classic nearby. They played in the 16s division, with a few 15s, but mostly 16s. The first day was something. We weren’t sure how the girls would do, but they played well against 16s.

Photo Jan 16, 5 02 04 PM

There were struggles and a few matches went to 3 sets, but they managed to win all three of their matches the first day.

Photo Jan 16, 9 30 45 PM

Kendall got to start the first few sets as the right side hitter. She did well, blocking well and getting a few hits.

Photo Jan 16, 9 32 35 PM

However she was soft on some hits and later in the day she didn’t play in a few sets. However it was an OK day.

Photo Jan 16, 9 40 24 PM

Along with the other two 16s teams from her club, they were ready to play for 1-8th. The second day things didn’t go well. Kendall struggled, the team didn’t do well and lost the first match, when they should have won. They were up and let the first set go and then fell apart in the second.

Photo Jan 16, 9 33 39 PM

Playing again, they lost the second match, with sluggish play. Kendall didn’t play much and told the coach she was hurt, but really just off.

The team came back to win the last match and finish strong, but it was a hard weekend.

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