Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ready for the musical

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Not tired run today after chores around the house. 62F. Denver. February

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Mock Trial day 2

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Friday, February 26, 2016

56 Days

And feeling good. Taking the Zuckerberg challenge this year and so far I’ve managed to run 56 days in a row, at least a mile, and feeling good.

Another day, another run

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Thursday, February 25, 2016


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Keeping warm

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The barn roof replacement begins

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another run for the @chugz35 challenge

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The Supreme Court Vacancy

I’ve seen a lot about the vacancy left on the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) by Justice Scalia’s passing. The Senate has said they are not considering, nor voting for, any one President Obama (POTUS) nominates.

That’s dereliction of duty to me. I know my liberal friends are outraged, and they should be. My conservative friends like this, and they shouldn’t. This is not how we run a country or government.

Having a vacancy is bad for the court. We have ties, and we can’t get good jurisprudence on important cases. A President should appoint someone at the earliest opportunity, after considering and contacting candidates. The Senate committee should review the candidate, and assuming they are qualified, pass them to the Senate for a vote.

That's the duty; do it.

Now, certainly the individual's views come into play. Both from POTUS, our Senators, and each of us.

There is no reason for the Senate to confirm someone qualified from a legal standpoint if they disagree with viewpoints. That’s part of their check and balance. Imagine that an accident wiped out all the conservative justices today. Do we really want President Obama to be able to nominate 4 liberal justices that get confirmed if they as legally qualified?

I’d say no. Just as I wouldn’t have wanted President Bush to be able to nominate all conservative justices. The power and strength of our country has grown as we have had balance. Not any overwhelming strength from one side.

If the Senate doesn’t want an overly liberal justice, vote no, but go through the process. If Obama wants someone confirmed, they will need to be very centrist, if not slightly conservative. Negotiate and compromise. That’s our system.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Two dogs and a cat on a walk

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Be careful where you ski

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A long way down

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Taos, NM

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Presenting at Boulder SQL User Group tonight

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Vet day. All is going well

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Monday, February 15, 2016

driveway cleanup day

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

13 Hours

Last I went to see 13 Hours with Delaney and Tia. Kendall was gone, and we’ve been wanting to see the movie. Since it was only in a few theaters, we decided this would be a good one to watch in the theater.

It’s an intense movie. With only a couple showings each day, in only every second or third theater, the movie is on it’s way out of mainstream circulation. However it was still packed when the show started. Glad we got there early for our seats. I suspected that lots of people are interested in the event, especially given the election.

I had no real idea how the story would be told. Is this a conservative blame show? A liberal excuse? In the end, I enjoyed it, but found myself angry at the end. For a lot of reasons, but certainly lots of emotions at play.

The story appears to be told from the point of view of 6 GRS contractors that were working to protect a secret CIA base in Benghazi. There was an old State Department outpost there, but really unused. They realize that Benghazi is a dangerous place and they try to avoid being out too much with the CIA spies. They don’t get along with the CIA chief, who doesn’t seem to appreciate them as mercenaries.

However Ambassador Stevens decides to visit the city, away from the proper embassy in Tripoli. He doesn’t bring much security, only a few, which isn’t well explained. Is this his decision? Budget from State? Who knows. In any case, the 6 GRS contractors meet the ambassador’s security and give advice, mostly telling them that this isn’t a good spot from which to defend themselves.

The GRS contractors are relegated to drivers for the ambassador, and not happy about it. On the day of the attack, they hear shots fired from their compound in the early evening, about a mile away. They can see an attack is underway, they get calls from the ambasador’s staff, and immediately they load and gather weapons, ready to go help defend or rescue the ambassador. However the CIA chief stops them.

They can see things deteriorating across an hour or so, including a large fire, and they eventually decide to go, disobeying the CIA chief. They make their way over, unsure of who the allies and adversaies are. They get into the compound, rescueing a few of the security people, but also can’t find the Ambassador in the fire. Eventually they retreat back to their compound. It’s late then, maybe 10pm. Not sure.

However they realize their “secret compound” isn’t secret. They start preparing to defend the compound, with the CIA people (26 of them) realizing that they aren’t safe. Throughout the night, they repel a few attacks by rebels, and only one of th GRS men, and one other security guy are killed. One is also badly wounded in the arm.

Throughout this, there are calls to the US and nearby military in Europe. However no one responds. A drone gets overhead, but not fire support, with these people fighting for their lives. We don’t know why, or who decides to not send aid. Is it State? The CIA? Military concerns? Who knows.

There is a quick reaction force from Tripoli that flies over. It’s a bit of a joke, only 8 or 7 people, but they would have helped. However they get to the airport around 1am or so and can’t get a ride to the compound. They don’t know how to navigate, which can be a chore in less developed places. They can’t also commandeer vehicles because who knows if the plane would be safe or they might be attacked.

The entire movie had me angry we didn’t support our people, at least the contractors. The CIA people knew the risks, but the ambassador and staff? And why didn’t he have more security? Was that his call? However before all that, why are we in Libya? It’s a mess, and despite the fact many Libyans supported us and mourned the Ambassador, it’s also a mess of a place. We haven’t made it better and not sure we could.

Afterwards we watched some of the GOP debate. As much of a clown car as that is, Trump had one thing right. We are not doing any good in other countries, and we never solve anything. We shouldn’t be trying to prop up or interfere in government elsewhere.

Hot Yoga

A good start to the day with hot yoga. Up too early, though, and now I’m tired. There is plenty to do, clean my closet, get some mud out of the garage, clean the dog area. Lots to do, but it’s chilly outside, and all I really feel like doing is watching the Super Bowl. I didn’t see it all last week, so I’d like to catch up.

At least now I’m doing a touch of work, which is better than nothing.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

RIP Justice Scalia

I have rarely agreed with Justice Scalia's views or decisions, but I have always appreciated his adherence to strict constitutionalism and literal views. While I don't think this was the best way to sit on SCOTUS, I understand the view and respect it.

RIP Justice Scalia.…/breaking-surpreme-court-just…/37981652

Cue GOP outrage at Obama, somehow.

I can only hope Obama appoints someone here that’s moderate.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Too Busy

Had to jam in a quick run before my massage after a busy morning. This is turning out to be a more hectic week than I wanted.

At least I got it done. 36 days in a row.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Police Battle

Someone posted a picture on Facebook of a Colorado police officer, in Mesa county, that was shot recently by a 17yr old. I found the story, and it’s sad. The officer, a father of two, is supposed to be taken off life support soon.

What disturbed me, however, was the text with the photo. The person sharing noted that, well, I’m not sure how to summarize, so I’ll leave the text here:

“A cop kills a teenager and people go crazy. Why didn't he taze him he is only a kid. He should have subdued him, he is just a kid. Cops need better training. Cops shoot first ask questions later. Cops are trigger happy. Cops are racist. They shot him because he was black and they were scared.

This is the headlines and stories the majority in this country follow. You fall victim to the propaganda. You make me absolutely sick to my stomach sometimes. I consider you the weak and pitiful of this great country.

How come there is no outrage or attention about the 17 year old kid who shot Deputy Derek Geer of Mesa County Sheriffs Office in Colorado?

The deputy did what you all beg law enforcement to do. He attempted to taze the teen and was subsequently shot multiple times. I'll repeat he attempted to TAZE the kid and was SHOT multiple times.

Deputy Geer is now on life support at the moment until his organs can be donated.

You see Deputy Geer swore an oath to protect and serve. At this very moment his life is ending while at the same time his organs are being removed so he can continue save others.

Deputy Derek Geer you are a TRUE HERO and should be honored by all.

Sadly only those in his family and community and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement nationwide will be the ones to really give a rat's ass about Deputy Geer.

To those still patrolling the streets I beg you to block out the noise from the naive and untrained naysayers.

DO YOUR JOB and do it well, as you are trained, and never worry about what others will think. Do the right thing always but never lose sight of the number one goal. Go home to your loved ones at the end of your shift.

I ask for those that cared enough to read this to please take a moment of silence for Deputy Derek Geer. If you feel inclined share this with others so maybe people will begin to understand.

I don’t know if this person is former LEO, but he appears to own some business that is related to security. I am not going to disclose who this is, but if you want to search FB, feel free.

I don’t think this is wrong, or not completely wrong. However it’s a distortion. There are cops that behave poorly. The call here to do your job and do it well is great. I think most people believe in that. However in a number of cases, we have seen officers aren’t behaving as they are trained. They aren’t doing their jobs. They are letting their emotions run them, just as many criminals do.

Should officers always Taser someone? No. Should they always shoot them? No. There needs to be some restraint, some caution, and certainly some help in protecting officers. I am all for more tax money to give them protection equipment.

But I also want responsibility. There are some cops, a minority, that do not deserve the protection of their fellow officers. They need to be removed from the force, and some effort made to transition them to other jobs.

There are many cops that need better counseling and support for the stress and danger they face. We need to support and help them.

Calls for #BlacKLiveMatter don’t say all cops are bad, or that they shouldn’t arrest, or even shoot, criminals when necessary. However they shouldn’t abuse their power, which is the concern. And, by the way, amazingly enough, I found this in the National Review.

Enjoying Sunshine

Uma has spent some time on the porch lately. She doesn’t like being locked in the living room, so we’ve let her out front a bit. Still leashed so she doesn’t wander, but she looks better than the last surgery.

Photo Feb 08, 5 05 31 PM (1)

This was today, me taking a short break and getting her outside a little.

Photo Feb 11, 12 32 13 PM

Hoping this one heals like the other side, which is 100% back.

New shirt

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Working tonight with my new hat

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Chilling in front

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Playing the race card

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Knowledge Bowl Regionals prep time for Delaney and his team.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Power 2

Not a great day. Kendall didn’t play a lot, and her team didn’t go great, but they did enough to win 3rd place, which keeps them in DII. After squandering an early game, they came back to win the next 2 in the first match. Then they were doubling up, playing the top seed right away. I thought they could have won the first game, but let it go, 26-24, and then didn’t really show up in the second.

However they played better and won the third match to take second in their pool, playing against a few of Kendall’s teammates from last year. She got in there a bit, and had a few plays, but not enough. Her attituded needed some work, and we’re hoping it improves in the next few weeks.

Still, a good reality check for her, and now I hope she rises up and earns her way back to the starting 6.


I am a bit stunned. After being at volleyball all day, we came back late, listening to part of Super Bowl 50 on the radio. We got home at halftime, and I was about to go run. However I needed to get Uma out a bit and then cook more burritos for Knowledge Bowl. Tomorrow is regionals, so I wanted to give the team a good start. I started watching as I cooked, not wanting to hope too much.

However, Denver held on, the defense playing well, really winning the game. Not a lot from Manning, but still exciting to see him win and go out on top.

It's an Orange and Blue win for #50

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Coach is not happy.

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Can't hit it through KJ so they opted for over

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ready for Knowledge Bowl

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Friday, February 5, 2016

New tires

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Recovering at home after surgery

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Home from the vet

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Another Crazy Weekend

It’s coming. Saturday is Knowledge Bowl for Delaney’s team, and then Monday is regionals, so I’ll be busy those days. Tia takes Kendall to practice Sat am and then comes to Knowledge Bowl. However we hope it ends soon as Sunday is a volleyball tournament up in Greeley all day for Kendall.

And, of course, we have that little Super Bowl, with the Broncos playing. Likely I’ll only get to watch part of it, and delayed, since we will be driving back in the afteroon from up North.

Need to find time to run, with a nice streak going. Almost a month solid again, which feels good.

Now I need to get some work done.

Capitalism and Socialism in the US

There has been quite a debate going in this year’s (2016) Presidential election cycle. Perhaps one of the more visible, and shocking, candiates has been Bernie Sanders. I like Sanders in some ways, and although I wouldn’t vote for him, I do think he isn’t necessarily a bad candidate. Plenty of people would think his positions would wreck the country, but fundamentally he would implement few of them as the Congress is likely to be led by a GOP majority, if not controlled by one.

That creates gridlock, which I’m overall fine with.

However, there have been plenty of people upset of Senator Sanders “socialism” and views of having government do more. A few of my more conservative friends posted this video:

It’s an interesting listen, and being an economist by training in college, I agree with most of it. It’s true that we need producers and greed does drive things forward. Reward for hard work is a fundamental human motivator for most people. We learn to work for things we want.

No one argues that, and I don’t see Senator Sanders arguing against that. If you read the text of his speech last November, he does callf for government investment, change, and yes, spending. However he calls for work over and over. He calls for people to work for a living, but to do so in a way that ensures they prosper. He calls for the rules, loopholes, and tax breaks for the wealthy people and corporations to be closed so that more people can improve their lives.

This Democratic socialism isn’t the dole where people get paid to not work. This isn’t the decision to carry people along in our society. This isn’t an equality society where everyone earns or gets the same. It’s the vision of all of society, or most of it, working hard and prospering. Some succeed more, some succeed less.

To be fair, that’s what we have now, and what Milton Friedman espouses, but unbridled capitalism is like unbridled anything. It falls apart over time and creates a power structure that isn’t sustainable, just like pure Socialistic or Communistic societies that force everyone to be equal.

I don’t think Senator Sanders is asking for that, but rather some limits and boundaries to build a framework that allows people to become rich and innovate, but not without government help. At some point, we increase taxes and limit growth to ensure that more people, who must themselves work, can prosper.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shoveling, mostly Delaney and @atiehjones

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Snow day

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Trouble nearby

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