Sunday, February 7, 2016

Power 2

Not a great day. Kendall didn’t play a lot, and her team didn’t go great, but they did enough to win 3rd place, which keeps them in DII. After squandering an early game, they came back to win the next 2 in the first match. Then they were doubling up, playing the top seed right away. I thought they could have won the first game, but let it go, 26-24, and then didn’t really show up in the second.

However they played better and won the third match to take second in their pool, playing against a few of Kendall’s teammates from last year. She got in there a bit, and had a few plays, but not enough. Her attituded needed some work, and we’re hoping it improves in the next few weeks.

Still, a good reality check for her, and now I hope she rises up and earns her way back to the starting 6.

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