Saturday, March 28, 2015


As soon as we drove the new BMW up the mountains, Tia remarked that I needed new floormats. The ones that come with it were the base fabric ones and not only absorbed lots of mud and dirt but they didn’t provide much containment.

While we were in the mountains, I ordered a set of Weathertech, custom fit mats. I got front, rear, and a cargo mat to put down. I was surprised to see the front and rears come on Thursday, so I asked Delaney to put them in Friday.

Photo Mar 27, 2 10 47 PM

I bribed him with a cream soda. He took to the job right away, removing the old mats and vacuuming out the inside.

Photo Mar 27, 2 15 04 PM

The mats came in large boxes. The fronts in one, the rear single piece in another.

Photo Mar 27, 2 15 56 PM

Photo Mar 27, 2 10 44 PM (1)

The mats are custom molded to the shape of your car. They say laser measured and I believe it. They fit well.

Photo Mar 27, 2 15 17 PM

Delaney figured out the install to secure the mats to the floor. When I got in at night to go to the gym, they were looking good.

Photo Mar 27, 6 04 44 PM

One thing done. I also ordered some wind deflectors and I want to get some roof rails that will let me carry bikes or skis on top, but no hurry there.

2015 Book #23 – Saint Odd

saintoddI knew Saint Odd was the last of the series, and I approached it with some trepidation. The title seems to indicate Odd will die, and I didn’t want that.

It starts out with a bang. Odd is returning to Pico Mundo, riding a motorcycle, which eeems out of character. The writing of his thoughts as well, don’t quite seem to be what I expected.

He’s pursued by a truck trying to kill him. He evades it, and it wrecks, catching on fire. He continues on to Pico to visit the mall from the first book. However is memories are interrupted when three members of the cult from the previous book are there. They see him, but he manages to escape to go meet with the chief and his mentor for breakfast. He lets them know something bad is coming. He can’t tell them what, but he moves on.

The book then moves between a thriller, with the help of his friends from the previous book, and supernatural, with the continuation of some satanic group. There are no bodachs, and it really seems the series moved in a way I hadn’t expected after the first 4 books.

However it’s a good read, and it wraps up things at the end in a good way.

2015 Book #22–Deeply Odd

deeplyoddI started the Saint Odd book, but realized I was missing something. That’s when I found this one and pegged it as the seventh book.

Deeply Odd starts just after the previous book, with Odd, Annamarie, and Tim in a cottage by the ocean. Odd goes out one day, feeling strange that he won’t see her soon and starts into town. He’s drawn to a semi and approaches it with the feeling that violence is coming.

He’s surprised by the owner, a cowboy in a rhinestone outfit that immediately threatens him with a gun. When Odd hits his arm, he gets a vision, a scene where three kids are on a stage and this cowboy burns them with a flamethrower.

The cowboy knows something is up and pursues Odd. Bystanders don’t seem to see them, but Odd manages to escape, destroying a car. However he’s picked up by another elderly lady (like in Odd Hours), who hires him as her chauffer, though he declines the job.

The rest of the book is the rest of the day. The pursuit of the cowboy to try and save the kids, the recognition of supernatural powers at work. It’s a twist for the series, going into more supernatural and religious areas rather than just strange ones.

Not great, but it continues the series.

Hot Yoga Morning

Tia had wilderness survival training this morning (and yesterday), so I was on my own. I slept in a bit, but woke up and decided to get to yoga. I’ve been letting exercise get delayed until later, and I don’t like that, so I got up, grabbed a bar, and headed to class.

A tough one, as I haven’t really been in weeks. Good, however. I need to get back and do this more. my balance, core, etc. aren’t great right now.

I could feel sore abs, however. Last night Kendall and I went to the gym, did a little cardio, did some core, and I was impressed with her work ethic. She finished the elliptical first, and went to work on core. I walked over and she was planking, then did a bunch of ab work like leg touches and crunches. She’s going to be much stronger than I am.

We also did a little volleyball, nothing heavy, but some hitting and serving practice as well as some receiving bumps.