Monday, January 4, 2016

Win #1

Yesterday was Kendall’s first tournament of the year. A friendly, so it didn’t count, but we had 5 teams competing at a local facility. We were up early, and I was glad that it was close since we had to be there at 7. The girls all got going early, with the first match to be played.



Kendall was the starting right side, which was good to see. She rotated out with the setters, so she was top 8. She had some good hits, and it seems the setters like setting the right side.


I also saw her touch quite a few balls on blocks. She wasn’t in every game, but in most, and had a decent amount of playing time. Certainly it was neat to see her get to play middle (brielfly) and help out on the right side. Still a bit tentative, her coach says she needs to swing harder.


It was a long day with 5 teams. We had the worst setup, playing a match and sitting two each time throughout the day. With the first and last matches, it was tiring for us all.

However a good day. The girls pulled out a win, going 6-2 in sets, besting the two highly ranked, national caliber 14s teams at 5-3. The other 15s teams weren’t great and we easily beat them.


Nice to see the girls starting the season out right. Now they hit the first tournament that counts in two weeks.

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