Friday, August 21, 2009

Emergency Measure 7

Sometime you think quickly, and just have to react. This morning we had 2 minutes to get in the car, and Kendall asked for a couple pieces of bacon. She doesn't always eat enough before school, so if we can get her to eat, we want to. However the microwave was on the fritz. In fact, I think it's toast.

So I looked around the kitchen, thought about the oven: too long to heat up. I considered a pan and frying it, but then I saw something on the counter. So I grabbed a few pieces of the pre-cooked bacon we buy and...

I was holding it, and watching it. As it started to heat up, I pulled it out, cleaned off the grease, and flipped them over. Two minutes later we were walking to the car and Kendall made it to school.

I posted the picture, saying this was Emergency Measure 7 and got a few comments about grease fires. I didn't think about that, but I was worried about messing the toaster up, so I was careful.

This is the second time the microwave acted up. I'm sure a kid dropped some metal in there, as it sparked a little yesterday. I wiped it down inside last night, and it appeared to work on a few minutes of heating things up. This morning, however, as Tia was trying to heat things up, it sparked a flame, and the metal plate on the side that's built in had a large burnt spot on it.

So I think it's broken. Tia says we need to buy one as she needs it to cook. I tend to agree as it's a staple piece of equipment for us. I did find this post about cleaning the metal, and I'll try that.

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