Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sick Kid

We went to karate tonight, just Delaney and I as Kendall wanted to go pick up her aunt at the airport. On the way down he fell asleep and I didn't think anything of it. He shuts down often when we get in the car and sleeps. So I let him sleep, ran a couple errands, and then woke him up before class. He was sluggish and a little hungry, so I have him a bit of a bar and tried to motivate him.

We got into class, had a pretty good warmup, and then split the class into 2 for kata. One group would go, then walk off, and the other would run through the form. Delaney and I were in separate groups, so I got to watch him. On the 2nd or 3rd kata, I saw him close his eyes and run through the form. At first I though he was practicing with his eyes closed, which I'll do at times.

However he wasn't. He wasn't feeling good and told me, so I sent him to sit down on the benches. He lay down, went to sleep, and said he wasn't feeling good when I asked him about 5 minutes later. He thought he could rest, so I finished class and then went to pack him up. That's when he raced into the bathroom, holding his hand to his mouth.

He got back and said he hadn't thrown up, but didn't feel good. So I put him in the car and we came home. Tia helped him upstairs and by the time I'd walked up there after stopping in the kitchen for a minute, he was in the bathroom. This time vomiting for real.

Poor kid. He's laying in my bed, and trying to sleep. I'm hoping it's a stomach thing and not anything worse with vacation starting on Fri.

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