Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Scout is Trustworthy

I got a package in the mail the other day from the Denver Scout Council. Actually Delaney did, as it was addressed to him. It was a good sizes envelope, and felt like some book or catalog in there, and for some reason I decided to open it. I know, invasion of privacy, but I'm working closely with Delaney on Scouts and can't imagine this is anything big.

It was his scout handbook, along with a notebook and worksheet from summer camp.

These were some of the items we'd lost over the summer. Or rather, had been taken. Delaney had everything in his backpack at summer camp, which disappeared the last day he was there when we came to pick him up. It had been left in the camp, and when we went back, it was gone. Also in there were raingear, his totin' and fireman chits, a compass, and some minor things along with the backpack. We searched around, and then called back to the camp a week later, but couldn't find anything. We gave up and I ordered him a new book.

Then this comes. To me it says that someone, and it must have been a scout or leader, picked up the backpack, took what was interesting and left the rest behind. Eventually it was returned to Delaney, but I'm a little angry that everything wasn't returned.

And disappointed.

Everyone at Peaceful Valley, and at scout events, should be bound by the Scout rules, and one of them, the first on in the Law, is that a Scout is Trustworthy. They don't steal, they should be trusted by other scouts.

I need to talk with Delaney and be sure this stuff wasn't separate, and then call down to Peaceful Valley and try to find out what they found, or how this was turned in, but I want to write a letter. One that I hope gets sent to all troops that were there.

This is a violation of honor and trust that shouldn't be let go.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. That was something that was hammered into us during my short time in Cub Scouts. On a related note, I've tried to live my life by the Air Force Core Values, which were introduced around the same time I went on Active Duty. There are only three, they are real simple, but they say all that needs to be said.

1. Integrity First.
2. Service Before Self.
3. Excellence in All We Do.