Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My father-in-law wanted to sell his truck since he can't drive it, it's been sitting there, and he could use the money. It's a Dodge Durango, and in decent shape, but it's been sitting for over 6 months. A few weeks ago Tia and I stopped by one night thinking we'd run it to the shop down the road and have it serviced. The battery was dead, however, and that ended that trip since we didn't have cables and there was no good way to jump it.

So today, heading for a lunchtime massage after Delaney's volunteering got canceled, I decided I'd move it. I took Tia's truck, with jumper cables, and since it was daytime, I figured the neighbors would be at work and I could get it started. I did, although I had to let it sit for a few minutes and charge enough to get things going. Then I parked the truck, and drove the Durango down the road about a mile or so to the local Brakes Plus. We've used them before and they've been a good service company for us.

I noticed that the gas was really low, and I thought it might die anytime. Plus I was worried the Brakes Plus guys would need to drive it, and they might charge us $10 / gal or something to put gas in it. So I kept thinking, pull up, get gas, don't stop the engine. So what did I do when I pulled into the gas station?

Stopped the engine. Doh!

I got gas, a drink, and then walked up the hill to Brakes Plus. I told the guy, "I need you to look at my father-in-law's car, but it's over there." I pointed next door and he smiled. So we walked over with his portable charger and jumped it started. I went back, arranged for service to start, and started my walk back to the truck.

It's a little over a mile, and while I appreciated some cloud cover blocking the sun, I was a little worried about rain. I made it OK, and headed home. My adventure over lunch.

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