Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tired Girl

After getting Delaney ready for school in the am, usually I check on Kendall and Tia to be sure they're moving before we drive away. It's a weird schedule with the need to get Delaney to the bus by 7:02, which means a 6:55 leave time to drive up there. Then Kendall has a 7:20 bus, so I get back around 7:06, meaning we barely have time to do much before we leave around 7:16 to take her. It's slightly better than the afternoon, but it's still distracting.

Today she scrunched her face and almost started to cry when I went to wake her. I heard her come in our room last night, sneezing and sniffling a bit. I was about to get her Benedryl after 5 minutes when she dropped off. But I know she was restless all night.

So I told her she could sleep for 30 minutes and I'd drive her to school. She didn't want to wake up then, but she did and we made it on time.

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