Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Owl Adventures

We get a call last night about 9:20pm, and Kendall answers since it's her Aunt. Then she gives me the phone, I'm in bed after karate, showered, ready to call it a day. My sister-in-law hit an owl on the drive home and wasn't sure what to do. I jokingly suggested "hit it again?", which didn't go over well, and she asked to be transferred to Tia.

She talked to them, and decided to bring it back here. So they picked it up with a towel and loaded it in their car, driving back. Tia and Kendall met them, put it in a laundry basket, up above the tack room in the barn, and then researched online. They emailed and tried to call a bunch of places since they thought a wing was broken. Not much response, finally the state police gave her a number to call and she left a message.

No response as of this am.

She ran out the door this morning and I wasn't sure why. Then Tia came back and said he had flown from the cross bar to the floor, and so she wasn't sure he was hurt. Maybe stunned last night?

She also raved about how amazing he was, and how fierce looking. So Delaney and I went to see.

As soon as we walked in, he fluffed up. Just watched us, no noise, no movement, but we stayed about 20 ft away. He calmed down after a few minutes and just watched us.

Now my sister-in-law is on the way over to see him, and we're hoping someone calls back from the wildlife groups. Not sure if we should let him go, if it's injured, etc. Not even sure how to handle him. He's alert, watching, and not likely to appreciate someone trying to pick him up.

Life in the country is never dull.

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