Monday, August 24, 2009

A Great Example

Kyle went to Phoenix this weekend to visit friends. He left Friday and then came back late last night, getting home after I was asleep. However when I got up at 6:15 this morning, he was down in the kitchen, pecking away at the netbook trying to get a paper done for school.

When I picked up Delaney's backpack to take him to the bus stop it was heavy. So I asked him why it was full of books. He had homework this weekend. When I asked him if he'd done it he said "No, I was stupid."

On the way to the bus stop, as I was giving him a little lecture about responsibilities, I mentioned that Kyle was gone and got up early this morning to get his homework done. And that he could take a lesson here from how his brother is handling his workload. Especially as Delaney was watching YouTube while eating breakfast.

Hopefully seeing his brother working will sink in a bit more than my lecture.


tjaybelt said...

i had a similar conversation with my oldest that just went into junior high this year. It was then that I had one of those scary parent moments, when i realized i was the parent, and was reiterating speeches my parents gave to me...
example is the best teacher, i hope it hits home for your kids, and they teach each other.

Anonymous said...

I've just threatened mine by saying I'll deal with them "Citadel-style." They've been around enough of the folks I went to school with to hear the exaggerated horror stories of how upperclassmen always mistreat the freshmen. They got a taste of it one Sunday when they were extremely disrespectful to a substitute Sunday school teacher, and amazingly enough, I've not had to worry about it since. :)