Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All cooked out and no one is here

I had planned on cooking spaghetti tonight, and was finishing work at the kitchen table. Delaney came in, hungry, wanting something before he went back to move dirt. So he made himself some chili. OK, I get that, he's trying to beat the sun disappearing and earn money for more Legos before our trip.

Then Tia came in, made a peanut butter sandwich, and left. I said I was about to cook, but she wanted horse time. My sister-in-law followed her.

Then Kendall and Kris left to jump on the tramp, while I fired up the grill and got hamburgers going. They were mostly for Kendall, so while they were cooking I browned a little ground beef and got spaghetti cooking. Now that's done, the sauce is warm on the pot, garlic break baking in the oven, and everyone's gone.

So a little quiet time to read and drink wine. There's things I should do, but I'm done for now.

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