Sunday, August 23, 2009


I was sore last night, and feeling rough. Actually it's been a hard week on my body, and both Fri and Sat nights I didn't want to do anything but lie around and watch some TV or read. Between running, baseball, and the heat, I was beat last night.

Today I feel better, and a little more energized. I have a half day to do some things before a 4 baseball game, so I'm thinking to get on the tractor and scrape the driveway a bit more and try to clean up things. Something I didn't want to last night.

Getting home around 4:30, I knew there were things to do. Grass to cut, driveway to clean up, etc., but I just wasn't up for it. Instead I cleaned up, started to cook some food, and then got on the laptop to work on some things. I had a presentation to finish and wanted to install some software on the machine.

It ended up being a good night, getting a few things done, watching a movie with Tia and Chrissy, and the kids out to a movie with Kris. About the same as Fri night where both Tia and I lay in bed from about 6 on, watching TV, relaxing, letting kids veg out after their first week of school.

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