Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Shit

When I was walking around Wal-Mart today grabbing a couple things, I passed a small Colorado calendar for sale. It represented Colorado and reminded me of my nephews, who I had promised to send a few things. So I grabbed it, and looked around for a couple other things to pack up.

I have 3 nephews, 5, 4, and 4, all of them different. The oldest is a sports guy, so I grabbed him a Bronco's jersey that I need to actually exchange since I think it's a bit small. I'll send that out as he wants to play football next year. The twins are different as well, with Deven liking art and drawing. He's like Kendall, and always was writing little notes and doodling. So I grabbed him some art suff, and will send him the calendar as well. I guess he'll use to keep track of what's happening in his little mind.

The other twin, Nigel, has a "store" near his room, where he sells a variety of things to the family. Kendall got a nice piece of fabric for one of her animals as a blanket, and I wanted to send a few things for Nigel's store. When I asked my brother what Nigel might like he said "random shit."

That's a good description, and I think it's the eclectic things that Nigel likes. He did ask me for some keys, so I need to grab some of our old keys and send them out. Today, however, I found an old MP3 player, a keychain, and small flashlights for each boy.

So that's on the agenda for tomorrow or Sat. I'll pack off this stuff and hopefully they'll enjoy it.

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