Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trees are Defensive

There was some type of tree that started growing next to the walk-out patio on the east side of the house. I think it was last year. I noticed it, thought it was some weed, and meant to pull it over the winter.

I didn’t.

It grew and grew, and it was a tree of some sort this summer. I wanted to cut it down, but wasn’t looking forward to digging through the leaves, and I still thought it was some weed that might give me an allergic reaction. So I delayed, until yesterday. since I’d fired up the chainsaw, I thought I should try, so Tia went down there with me and we cut it down.

I started killing limbs, giving me space to get close. My plan was to cut it into easy to hall pieces, but Tia said we should tow it out. We had the truck, so I cut it down and we dragged it to the gully and pushed it in.

While doing it, and pulling limbs, we noticed this tree had some serious thorns on it. Some of the larger branches had thorns that were easily 2 inches long! And sharp, needle-like items that hurt. We both got poked a few times and I actually got stabbed once. That drew blood and I bandaged it up, and now it’s fine.

That was some tree. Either 2 or maybe 3 years old, 12+ ft tall, and the base of the trunk was easily 3+ inches across.

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