Monday, September 14, 2009

No More Dodgeball

I heard on the radio recently as Alfred Williams and Scott Hastings that there was a report on Real Sports that some school districts were elininating not only dodgeball, but any other form of contact. I found one report of this in the Albuquerque Green Business Examiner.

I know dodgeball can be a little dangerous, and I can agree that we might not want the hard rubber balls I’ve seen used. I don’t think, however, that we should be eliminating the game entirely, or even all types of contact sports.

I put Delaney in football last year, partially because of the contact. I wanted him to get knocked on his butt and experience some hard contact. It’s part of being a kid, and I think it matters in being a man. You ought to understand there’s a roughness involved in life, and you can't be protected from everything.

Sure, some kids might get hurt, but they won't get permanently damaged, and I'm not advocating kids running amok with no supervision. Some adult should be there to try and keep things from getting out of hand, and kids getting overly picked on, but having some contact isn't bad.

I think it's sad that dodgeball, and most contact sports are being removed from schools . Life gets hard, we're not the same, things aren't even or even fair. Learning to deal with that should be a part of growing up.

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