Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Helpful Girl

Delaney has been volunteering at the Elizabeth Food Bank once a month or so. He went a couple weeks ago with Kyle, both brothers doing good deeds together. Kyle had theater yesterday, so I said I'd take Delaney. I wanted Kendall to go as well, to get an idea of helping others. She's been a little spoiled, and if she was awake I thought it would be good for her.

She was up, so we ate breakfast and headed out. It was a slow day, but we stocked food in the kitchen from the basement, and organized the spare stocks back onto the shelves. Kendall was surprisingly gung-ho, and worked hard, happy to move things around. I think she liked the stacking thing and we got a lot done.

It's good to see her working. I tried to explain it a few times that we are helping people that might not have food, and it's a good thing. Everyone needs help at some point, and I wanted her to remember this. One lady came, and we loaded her up on food. She has cancer, can't work, and 6 kids. I hope Kendall understands the effort she's involved in.

As we were leaving she told me that she was being a good scout and that she felt like she was "helpful." I think she told me this was the most helpful she'd ever been. I hope to take her again.

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