Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Good Denver Sports Night

The Rockies win, Dodgers and Giants lose, the race is getting more interesting. Only 2.5 back, the Rockies could still win the division, and they could even have a winning record on the road. Kind of exciting.

I haven't seen a Rockies game in 2 years, since the World Series. The franchise angered me with their policy of requiring a large package (25 games) to see opening day. And so I haven't been back since.

I think I'm still a little angry, but I've been thinking of going back at some point. I enjoyed the games and sitting in the sun for an afternoon game. We'll see.

It looks like they should make the playoffs, which is kind of exciting. Just two years after going to the World Series, and trading away their big hitter, they could potentially meet him again in the post season. I liked their moves toward building from within, and it looks like it's worked out well for them.

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