Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grocery Man

We were out of milk, juice, and whipped topping, needed for Kendall’s Smore recipe. She was looking forward to making some, so I said we’d go to the store. We headed out to Wal-Mart, a little later than I wanted.

However Kendall had a good time. That girl likes to shop. She brought her wallet, and decided to spend all of her $65 on two new games for her Nintendo DS. I tried to get her to stick with one, but she picked 2 that came to $64.69. She told the guy at the back of the store what she wanted and got it. He said we could pay up front, so we started to leave. But she wanted to pay in the back of the store, so she walked back, told him she wanted to pay, got the total, counted out her money, and paid. I should have gotten a picture.

She then proceeded to enjoy shopping, grabbing everything I asked her to get off the shelf, and even a few other things. I realized that if I picked something, she’d pick a second, so I stopped and let her shop. She did manage to talk me into some chocolage ice cream things, some Sunny D, and whipped cream.

It was a fun trip with my little girl, us chatting along as we got things done.

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