Thursday, September 3, 2009

Transferring iTunes

My new iPhone arrived last night, but I was too tired to mess with it. And actually I had work to do this morning, so it sat by my bedside until almost 10. However I started getting prepped for it, and did a few things this morning on the old desktop to get prepared.

Here are the steps that I took and then I'll describe some whys due to my setup.

  1. Clean up the iTunes library. Check "Copy Files to iTunes" and "Keep Organized" under the advanced tab of preferences.
  2. Copy the iTunes folder to an external HDD when #1 was done.
  3. Check authorization. I had 5 authorized, a few of which I thought were old, dead computers. So I "deauthorized all". You can do this once a year.
  4. I took the hard drive to my laptop, which had iTunes on it, and a sync to my dead Nano, and copied the iTunes folder from the HDD over top of the iTunes folder on the laptop.
  5. I started up iTunes.

From there the iPhone sync'd up and all my apps, and things were there. My Kindle content wasn't moved, but I signed into the Amazon store and downloaded the books I wanted from my archives.

I noticed that there was no "apps" item in iTunes, so I went to the app store, and picked a free app to download. Once that was done, the other applications appeared in iTunes automatically. I think that it doesn't load them automatically.

I then authorized my account, which allowed me to sync and move over the music and videos, which hadn't been moved in the initial sync.

I also saw my iTouch listed in the iTunes library. I'll connect that shortly and see how it syncs up.

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