Saturday, September 5, 2009

e-Readers - $50?

I don’t think this survey was done well. Most people want an e-reader for $50, according to the survey. That’s the price at which they’d buy one. However I disagree with that. People purchased iPods at $200, and I’m sure some people would do the same for e-readers, but they’d have to include some connectivity. Maybe they ought to work with carriers to piggy back on your phone service and register a device with a cell carrier. Or at least with wi-fi networks.

The power is the platform and the network. They ought to also allow bookstores, like brick-and-mortar BN, Borders, etc. to sell e-books that can be loaded onto your book right there. Some people like paper, some e-readers, but trying to lock things down ensures that the platform can’t grow.

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