Monday, September 7, 2009

Expense Reporting

I got a $25 app card with my iTouch, and forgot about it. However when we had guests over last night they had a great iPhone game, and Delaney loved it. He asked me to get it, so today when I was looking for a charger, I found the card, entered it, and bought Delaney's game. It's Flight Control, if you care.

Then I realized that I needed an expense application. I really liked the one I had for the G1, which let me take photos of my receipts and email them to myself. I figured "there's an app for that" on the iPhone, and started looking.

Mobile Receipt looks good, and there are a few more. I think I'll try that one after seeing a YouTube video if it in action. Nice to see how it works.

I'll entertain other suggestions, and I've asked for a few on Twitter.


Unknown said...

Try ExpenseBay- Does a bit more than just receipts. You can see all your credit card and cash transactions from the iPhone that still need to be reimbursed. All you have to do is select the transaction and snap a picture of the receipt. It all gets uploaded into your weekly expense report.

You can sign up and be submitting expenses in minutes - try it for free at

Unknown said...

iOS nd android are the two pretty useful and applicable services that are on huge demand for the expense reporting in the long run process. In my company as well most of my employees are dependent on these two OS and for that very reason I have preferred to go with the expense reporting from Replicon ( that supports both the OS and helps manage the reporting in a hassle free manner and structure.