Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Together

I got home late last night with food. Tia called me while I was at the co-lo and said she was feeling sick and could I bring back some food. As I got done, Delaney called, requesting some Olive Garden. It was about five miles in the other direction, but I had been gone so long, I went down there.

As usual they were fairly busy, but the bar was quiet at almost 8, so I ordered, got a Fat Tire for myself and then sat there reading a bit while I waited. I headed home, feeling slightly better, but still coughing and sneezing a bit.

I got home to find both little kids in our bed, watching Jurassic Park with Tia. She wasn't feeling good, and neither was I at this point. I got kids eating, ate myself, and then lat in bed, waiting for the movie to end. It was funny to see Kendall afraid of the movie, and I think I remember Kyle feeling that way when he first saw it.

We finally knocked off, kids going down, and us dropping off, both of us sick. We slept through to 10am, but it was a broken sleep for us. Delaney was also coughing and got Tia up a few times, but I didn't hear him. I was up and down at night, and feeling slow today. I'm ready for a quiet day and not much activity.

We're all worried we have some sinus or ear infection, so we might be heading to the doctor's office this week.

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