Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Chores

Not as productive today, but I got a couple things done that have been nagging at me for weeks. After a late start, I headed out to run a few errands. First was Home Depot, getting some plastic parts to work on the sprayer. I tried for some bolts for the other desk unit, but couldn't find any. I did grab a brush attachment for the weed whacker, since the string hasn't worked well with tumbleweeds growing.

I then went to Advance Auto, trying to get new bulbs for the Prius and trim screws. They didn't have either one, so I went a block down to NAPA. The guy there was more helpful and looked up the bulbs. He said it was ridiculous, but they were $15 a pair from Toyota. I declined to get them, though I was tempted. I thought I could order them online for that price and the guy agreed. We then talked about them and I said that my bulb was in the assembly and I couldn't get it out. He looked at his tools for a small grabber, but then tried my other bulb on a magnet. Sure enough, that worked.

He then looked around and found me a sheet metal screw. It was chrome instead of black, but I didn't care. He got a washer and said to just take them. It wasn't worth his writing things up. I'll be going back to NAPA in Parker if I need things.

Then it was back home. I grabbed some small magnets I had, taped them to a wire hanger, and fished around in the rear assembly. Success! I got the bulb out and plugged it back in. I didn't test it, but I'll try tomorrow.

Then I checked my plastic parts and they allowed me to fit the gauge back on the sprayer and assemble things. That done (again, not tested), I went to move the mower back to the driveway. Tia helped me out by getting a rope and then having Gemini pull the mower up the hill while I pushed it. I didn't look at what was wrong since I needed to get other things done.

I change out the string on the weed whacker for the blades, and walked down to test them. They cut through weeds and worked well. I'd have taken them up to the gate and cleared the ditches, but I was wearing shorts and it was looking like rain. So I sprayed weed killer on the lawn and then went running.

Can't work all the time.

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