Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taking a Break

Delaney stepped out of karate last night because he wasn't feeling well. He started coughing, and I guess the teacher asked him to take a break. He sat on the side, and when I had a break I walked over. He was upset, and I told him not to worry, just relax.

We'd gone to an urgent care just before class, while Kendall was at tutoring. He's had a cough for a couple weeks and we were slightly worried he might have a sinus or ear infection. No fever, no green discharge, but this is how things went over the summer. They said his lungs were clear, he looked OK, and it probably is some low grade viral infection. But they gave us a prescription to try if we wanted, said give it another week.

So we went to class. Other than the cough, Delaney's been fine. He asked if he could stay home today, and I was hesitant. He got a new video game yesterday, and I thought he was feeling a little sorry for himself. He has tomorrow off with a teacher's day, so I was going to send him today, but Tia said give him a break. He's been fighting this for 2 weeks without much of a break, let him rest.

So I agreed and shut off his alarm in the middle of the night. Tia and I had talked about it after he'd gone to bed, and something triggered about 2am. I got up, and shut off the alarm. I heard him coughing at 6:15, and I realized either he woke up, or his watch alarm went off. I got up and told him he should sleep more and rest.

"You rock, Dad"


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