Monday, September 28, 2009

A little off

We went out last night for my birthday dinner, a few weeks late, but that's OK. We've been busy and last night made sense. I chose On the Border, since I love their Mexican food. We arrived, ate chips, ordered, and then had dinner.

However I wasn't that hungry. I picked at fajitas, and just felt drained. It was like every bit of energy I had was disappearing as we ate. I think I actually fell asleep as the kids ate some dessert. I gave the keys to Tia and she let Kyle drive. I was asleep, waking up at home, going right upstairs and then I was asleep quickly.

Not sure what was wrong, and I was better this morning, but still tired. Lots of broken sleep at night, and feeling weird. I'm going to try a run to see if it wakes me up, but it has been a strange 15 or so hours.

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