Friday, September 4, 2009


This is a little silly, IMHO, people worried about our President’s speech being an indoctrination speech for our nation’s children. For those of us in the US, whether you agree with Obama’s policies or not, this is OUR President. He is the leader of our country.

You are welcome to disagree with him publically.

You are welcome to protest his actions.

Be he deserves the respect due the office, and all our citizens, including our children, deserve the right to hear him speak. You can then indoctrinate your children however you want, and disagree with his ideas for the country. I certainly do.

But I support him in office. I will feel free to disagree, but I think that our President is the leader of our country, and deserves the opportunity to address citizens. And I’ll tell my kids where I disagree with him.

I’ll admit I like the man and I think he’s a leader. Despite some bad policies, and some disagreements, I think he presents a great image and acts as a leader.

Grow up, people, and have some tolerance. Have some maturity, and support our President.

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