Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Almost Ambidextrous

I can do most things with both hands. I can play baseball with a glove on either hand, and even have done both in a single game. I can catch either way, and throw with both hands, preferring left handed for the outfield and right handed for the infield.

I can even write with both hands, and surprisingly, when I do it right-handed, my handwriting looks kind of like my brother’s penmanship.

However today I found something I couldn’t do with my right hand. I was trying to take apart the ping pong table in the basement to make some space for a new studio. I had been taking a screw off in between each set of weight lifting, and finished one side. So I went to the other side, bent over, and had to use my right arm to loosen the screw.

I couldn’t do it.

Not that I can’t use a screwdriver with my right hand. I do it all the time when the left one is tired, but I couldn’t get the leverage or pressure at that angle to loosen the screw. It surprised me, and if I weren’t trying to get things done, I’d spend a few minutes trying to build that skill.

Maybe tomorrow.

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