Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A great start with no coffee

I missed karate last night. Kendall has been arguing a bit with Kyle and wanted someone else to pick her up from piano. Since I'm down there with Delaney, it makes sense for me to grab her. That means I'm:
  • dropping Kendall at tutoring (5:30)
  • dropping Delaney at karate (6:00)
  • picking up Kendall at tutoring (6:30)
  • dropping Kendall off at piano (7:00)
  • picking Delaney up at karate (7:15)
  • picking Kendall up at piano (7:30)
A busy night, and not leaving me time for much else. I also skip the 7:00 karate class since the music store closes at 8 and I can't get there in time to get Kendall otherwise. Hopefully the Ks will start getting along again, but in the meantime that's my Monday schedule.

So my plan was to then to the Tuesday am karate class. It's at 9:30, which is early, and doesn't leave me a lot of time for other stuff. Last week I went and ran before class in town, but with the weather being so bad (cold and rainy today), I decided to hit the treadmill here. I worked for a little over an hour after kids left, and then hit the treadmill at 8:45, 15 minute run, then drive to town and have class.

Since it was an early start, I elected not to brew coffee. Instead I grabbed a bar and a big bottle of water first thing. I figured I'd be going early and didn't need it. I was right!

The run was nice, and then class was hard. It's a small class, a few of the advanced belts from the night classes and then 3 white belts who have kids in night classes. So we have this fairly basic class. If you push yourself, however, you can work up a good sweat.

And I did today. As we finished things off, and I sat on one knee after ab work, I had drops of sweat falling from my chin to my arms every 10 sec. I felt like I'd worked hard, and I felt strong. A good day.

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