Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Lazy Morning

Laying in bed with Tia. I was messing with the iPhone, having put Pandora on it. I tried out a few stations I created while Tia lay next to me, reading Book 5 of the Twilight series on the netbook. It was quiet and relaxing.

This after Delaney and I had gotten up at 7, driven to Parker for a disaster exercise that was last week. We’d gotten the wrong info. No biggie since we were meeting a friend of his and we just picked him up and came back.

So a relaxing hour with Tia, me reading a little and listening to music, playing a few games, just hanging out. Now it’s on to chores. Today my plan is:

  • run
  • fix the mower
  • go take a load to Goodwill
  • cut down a tree at hour condo
  • mail packages
  • come back and fix the sprayer
  • get the weed whacker going.
  • get supplies for our party tomorrow.

Gonna be a busy day.

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