Monday, September 14, 2009


My Nano came back from Apple today, and it wasn't repaired. It had a  sheet in with it, with a checkbox next to the "was not repaired due to external force damage."

No other explanation, no other recourse, no note. How cheap and bad is that. At least a clue to what's wrong ought to be provided. I looked it over,  and it doesn't look like  a scratch on it. It's been in a case, hardshell, for almost every minute I've owned it. The connector looks fine, and it connects and is seen in my computer, but it rarely populates a volume and so it doesn't ever sync up.

I use this exclusively for my Nike+ runs, so this is really annoying. I now can choose to either take it to an Apple store and see about a repair for $80 or buy a new one. I'm thinking to take it in tomorrow for a repair and see where that gets me.

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